How To Get Custom Beats by Dre – Customize Your Own Dre Beats

Beats by Dr. Dre have become one the of the most recognized brand of headphones there is and have appeared in music videos, movies, and many celebrities own a pair. Beats by Dre have also been integrated with laptops and computers, becoming an advanced computer music system called “Beats Audio”.

One of the most respected rappers and beat producer’s in the game of hip-hop is Dr. Dre who is working on his third studio album Detox! Dr. Dre created Beats by Dre to let users experience music the way it should be heard with high-quality speakers and a sleek design. Still not convinced? Walk up to the Beats by Dre table in your local Best Buy and try on a pair!

Want to customize Beats by Dre headphones? To order your own custom Beats by Dre headphones, all you have to do is select a model and pick your colors! Models currently supported for customization are a custom Beats by Dre Pro, a custom Beats by Dre Studio and a custom Beats by Dre solo model.

MykeTech custom beats by dre

You can customize every part of the headphone by choosing from a rainbow of colors to create your own custom beats by dre with your very own color scheme. If you’re tired of seeing the same old beats around, you can customize Beats by Dre yourself using your own design to make sure your style is your own. So, what are you waiting for?! Customize and create your own custom Beats by Dre now!

Choose between three custom beats by dre models. Then customize Beats by Dre using a color scheme and design of your choice:

When choosing a color scheme to paint on your custom beats, you can select between two types of paint which give off a very distinct look, the matte finish or the gloss finish. You can also add a number to your custom beats by dre if you’re on a sports team and want to show off your number while at warming up for the big game. Just click on the bottom tap to customize your Beats by Dre with your team number.

You’ll probably see Beats by Dre headphones all over the place, so getting your custom beats by Dre with your own unique color scheme is the only way to officially stand out from the crowd. Get to it – Customize Beats by Dre right naow!

Lil Wayne was spotted in Miami with one of his custom Beats by Dre headphones..

lil wayne's custom beats by dre
lil wayne's custom beats by dre
lil wayne's custom beats by dre

Lil Waynes Beats Pro All Red

Lil Wayne All Red Beats Pros

(Cred: LilWayneHQ)

Wayne loves listening to him himself (probably) through his Beats by Dre headphones while he sits courtside at NBA games. The “A Milli” rapper was spotted courtside at the 2012 NBA All-Star game wearing diamond plated custom Beats by Dre headphones, valued at an estimated $1 million.

lil wayne's diamond plated custom beats by dre

lil wayne's diamond plated custom beats by dre