Moving Desktop Backgrounds for Windows 7

Make sure you have Aero enabled on your Windows 7 machine. If you’re not sure open the Personalize settings by right clicking on the desktop and select a theme listed under Aero Themes. Keep in mind if your PC is outdated, some Windows 7 versions and/or computers do not support Aero themes.

1. Download the following tool: Windows 7 DreamScene Activator v 1.1 and select Enable Dreamscene.

NOTE: Make sure to right click on the tool above once it’s finished downloading and select “Run as administrator” before opening it. Thanks to GTHeavy for the tip :)

This tool enables the option “Set as Desktop Background” when you right click on a Dreamscene compatible file (.wmv or .mpg).

Congrats! Your Windows 7 PC can now handle moving desktop backgrounds. Below are some free moving backgrounds to get you started. All you need to do now is right click on any Dreamscene compatible file (.wmv or .mpg) and select Set as Desktop Background to activate your moving background.

For personal videos, make sure they are in .wmv or .mpg format. If not, you can download a free video converter and easily convert your videos to the right format to display as moving desktop backgrounds.

Free Windows 7/Vista Video Backgrounds

Click on any image below to download the moving background image and extract it to a common place like “My Videos”. Then, right-click on the file and select Set as Desktop Background. The images you see below are only screen-shots of the actual moving background. The files below are Dreamscene .wmv videos that will come to life once you set it as your desktop background!

Moving desktop backgrounds

Moving desktop backgrounds

Moving desktop backgrounds

Form React Dreamscene moving desktop backgrounds

Impulse Dreamscene moving desktop backgrounds

Not impressed yet? Download the moving background below to really blow your mind away!! Cred droot1986.

Shift moving desktop backgrounds